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Mi-Corporation has more than 16 years of experience helping organizations like yours plan for and successfully implement mobile business solutions. We're a proven and trusted mobility software provider for businesses worldwide and can help you streamline data reporting, become more efficient operationally, and prepare your business for future success.

Streamline Data Collection Processes & Improve Operational Efficiency


"Mi-Co has again shown great leadership in the mobility space. We can leverage our existing .NET development skills and existing Microsoft Windows Server infrastructure to empower our users with the latest iOS and Android web solutions. With these solutions, we can use iPads, Android slates and any other hardware we choose with one forms software platform: Mi-Forms."

Trevor Cannon, Software Engineer, Custom Data Processing, Inc.


Customer Testimonial

What could you save with a mobile data capture solution?

Real results achieved by Mi-Corporation Customers:

Reduced a 2-4 week inspection process to
1-2 days

Increased invoicing speed by 25%

Annual cost savings of $72,971